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American Lifestyle's ArmChair Shopper
Welcome to the ArmChair Shopper. This area of our television channel is devoted to gift buying and selling. This area is available to artists and craftpersons who are interested in selling their products to our viewers. We invite you to view our latest edition of the ArmChair Shopper and also check out the photo catalog and ordering area. You can also purchase these items using PayPal or your personal money order.
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FAQ About Lifestyle's ArmChair Shopper

The set of questions below will attempt to answer most of the questions our viewers have about ArmChair Shopper. As always if you do not find your answer here, we invited you to e-mail us at

Q.  What type of payment plans do you accept?
A.   We accept PayPal and Money Orders. We suggest PayPal because it is secure and immediate. Sending your order
      to us along with a money order will take longer.

Q.   I am an artist and I produce my own jewelry. Can I use ArmChair Shopper?
A.   YES, YOU are the type of person we would like to promote and are looking for. We invite you to send us an e-mail
      and we will send you our vendor packet with all instructions on displaying and selling your products here.

Q.   Do you ever have "specials"?
A.   YES. We work with the artists, craftpersons and suppliers of the products that we spotlight and from time to time
      we will place items in "Special" with either a price reduction or percent off promotion.

Q.   Do you accept ANY item for sale?
A.   We reserve the right to reject items or products that we feel are not in keeping with our "terms of service". We
      are mostly interested in "family items", products for the home or personal beauty items. If you have an item that
      you think might be questionable, it most likely is.

Q.   Do you collect sales tax?
A.   NO. If your state requires a tax be paid, we will pay that tax. The price quoted on line is the FINAL price you pay.
      There are no other charges!

Q.   Do you charge for shipping?
A.   NO. All products are shipped to you FREE. No shipping or handling charges...EVER!

Q.   Do you have a return policy?
A.   YES. We want you to be happy with your purchase. Please view our ArmChair Shopper video which explains our
      liberal return policy.

Q.   How do I keep track of my order?
A.   We do that for you through your personal e-mail. This is why we ask for your e-mail to keep you informed on the
      status of your order or orders. Emil is the fastest way to keep you informed.

Q.   How long does it take for my order to arrive?
A.   That depends on which payment option you choose. If you want your order as quickly as possible, we suggest that
      you use PayPal. PayPal orders are processed with 48 hours. If you use the Money Order pay option,  then it could
      take 14 to 24 days due to using regular mail.

Q.   Do you accept personal check?
A.   NO. Personal check can take up to 10 days to clear and that really slows your order. We suggest a Money Order

Should you have any additional questions, or your question was not answered in this FAQ area, please e-mail us at

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